First blog post and why i started

This is my first post and my first flight, why did i make this blog i hear you as. Well no you didnt i have no #followers 

Anyway im going to tell all ypu so far zero viewers why i made this blog. Ive gone to florida for 3 months and i need somthing to do in my spare time so i thought, why not start a blog. Ye thats all the reasons why. 

I like to be too the point, short and snappy so all good for the people that dont enjoy reading or quick at taking a dump. 

Have fun amd enjoy the journey, now let me add some #hashtags. #funny #comedy #traveling #blogger #generalife #fun #times #music #musicians #fans #whereareyou

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Went to the beach!!!

Like anyone i love the beach, there is nothing better than sand and sun is there? I know the uk has some good beaches but this was just differnt. 

We went to jacksonville beach in florida to check it out, despite the awful struggle to find parking it was free, something us british are not used to. Not withput there being a massive catch anyway. 

The beaxh had a good atmosphere at the top street that was filled with pubs and day life. (if thats a thing) There must have been some type of game on as there was a lot of cheering from bars and pubs. 

My favourite thing has to be palm trees spurrounding the beaches, this is one thing the uk doesn’t have to offer and it looks really cool. The sand was also very fine but dense when wet, i guess this is why the race along it. That and the fact its straight and jist goes on and on and on and on. There was a pier that went out over the beach, this looked very cool too. 

The only dissapointment was, we went on a windy day, very wind, actually only 15mph but ot did make it feel cold, most likely why it was empty however ill be back on a sunny day and maybe an evening. Nothing better that being at a beach in a warm evening. 

There was a lot of shops and and a cool park like bit above which had statues of a life guard and some tiled flooring. 

There will be a better pictures coming i just have no way of getting them on at the moment but wanted to keep the blog updated ao while you’re waiting comment your favourite beach around the world that you have been too. 

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Top bands to see play live. 

Seem as its a cold day today i thaught why not share with you some of my favourite music i have seen live over the last year and maybe some videos i took while there. If i can find them that is; finding them will be a challenge in itself. So in no perticular order:

Guns n roses: ye thats right i got the chance to see them play live with slash in the line up, i saw them play in london back in the summer of 2017. This band have been a big part of my life having listened to them for a long time so a chance to see them on their not in this lifetime tour meant a lot. With the stars axe rose and slash together on the stage again it was an experiance i am going to treasure. They will also be playing at download 2018 so that may be another chance for me to see them. Below ill add a video of them. 

The next band i want to mention is catfish and the bottlemen, thesebhave been a band that i followed from an early part of their career right up to now. They have developed and achived so much in so little time only to be described as a talent. I saw them on tour and i must mention their lighting was spectacualr so shout out to whoever was in charge of that. They sound just like they do recoreded live and had a brilliant atmosphere. 

The next gig is a beartooth gig, this has to be one of my all time favourite live shows. They sounded amazing brought so much energy to the place. They had so much power and emotion and lifted the roof off of cardiff tramshed. (The venue) not only were they amazing they also had too brilliant support acts that i am now also fans of which were vanna and trash boat, both of these were also amazing live with amazing sound. A clip of beartooth.

The next band i saw live is puddle of mud, these sounded great on stage and were a good band to see live. They brought energy and pleasure to the room filled with rock fans with their top songs of she hates me, phsyco and control. With amazing support which as actually the main reason i attended from the fallen state, a hard rock band that have found sucsess in their recent single nova being a top hit. They sure stole the show for me. 

The next one is marilyn manson also on tour, he has been a huge part of my music taste as well and his show killed it, huge respect for doing it with a broken leg. He also took his good friend jonney depp out on stage to perform with him at one point. He did not look like a pirate in real life just as a disclaimer. Althpugh his vocals wasn’t spot in it was a show that im glad i attended. 

The last band is going to have to be While she sleeps, a sold out gig from their tour. This was a mental event. These people for sure did not forget to brong energy with a spectacular performace. There was head banging, jumping and crowd diving with an instruction to get as many people to crowd surf to the stage and dive back out again, the security were defeated, haha. But they brought the show. 

Thats my top favs of the year. What are about you? Comment below. 

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Jacksonville icemen vs orlando solar bears. Ice hokey

We decided it wouldn’t be right to not see a ice hockey game while over in the states so thats exactly what we did. The arena was exactcly like you see them on tv, it was an experiance amd a half. The stadium was veterans memorial stadium.

Despite taking a wrong turn twice (i wasnt driving, promise) we made it there, there was a lot of cars and people; more than we initially expected to be seem as Jacksonville onlu started their team last year.

Parking was 10 dollars, what an outrage but i did pay that and to be honest, was a nice car park. Well as far as car parks go if thats what you like. When we got to the ticket office there was no line so we got our ticlets and went to the entrance.

It was high security so they were scanning everyone and we could see why when we got in. It was massive, there was a lotta people. Anyway we found are seats everyone was eating and there was a good atmosphere with lots of music playing. They played lota of games with the live camera like copy cam.

The game was very intresting to watch althpigh a bit violent at times with 6 fights breaking out on the ice. One about 10 seconds in amd these were big fights, sports gear flying along the ice and punches being thrown.

As warned hockey disks did actually fly over into the spectators we had a hogh seat though so we were safe.

As it was militray appreciation week there was an expiring talk from a veteran along with the classic american national anthem star spangled banner, that was a cool experiance in itself that ive always wanted to be at when you hold your arm across your chest. America do have a good national anthem.

Oh and last of all we lost. Booohoooo have ypu ever seen an ice hockey game if so what game? Comment below. 😉

L@@k at that cinema. Jumanji

An awesome remake starring the one and only legend jack black this remake was set in a video game. What a clever and creative way to remake a classic, dont you think? 

The cinema was one in jacksonville, what an awesome looking cinema. Especially at night the way it was illuminated. Every cinema should look as cool as that, just seeing it was a whole differnt show in itself. 

For me personally jack black stole the show in this movie, he was halarious with comedy flying out the screen. My favorite part was at the scene when he had to go and take his first pee as a male. That being said though there was lots of brilliant scenes.

I would tottaly roccomend seeing this movie as it was brilliant the original is amazing but i really liked this remake that was so cleverly produced. Shout out to whoever the producer was. 

Spoiler alert: it was set in a video game so as the school kids had a detention they found a console in the room, they started it and got dragged in so they then inside a video game. This was a cool idea with constant refrences to video games such as reviving, lives, and programmed characters. 

Comment below if you have seen it and your favourite scene. 

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